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Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas

Best practices coming from Vicenza UWFLab

The "Houses of water"

The Vicenza UWFLab is continuing with the awareness actions for citizens aimed at a more conscious use of water.
On February 20th, the Councillor for Urban Planning and Sustainability of the City of Vicenza, Marco Antonio Dalla Pozza, presented to the local press, the results of the first six months of operation of the six “Houses of water” activated in the city.
The “Houses of water” are environmentally friendly facilities that can distribute both still and sparkling water of excellent quality. The water supplied is collected by the municipal aqueduct and is further filtered, dechlorinated and sterilized.
Five of these houses have been installed in the city in September 2014, while the first, considered as "pilot", has been working for two years. The Councillor also highlighted how protracting small daily individual choices may produce significant results in terms of savings. The application of best practices proposed by Vicenza UWFLab within the project Urban_WFTP, among which the consumption of water distributed locally by public aqueduct was suggested, has already produced appreciable results, as shown in the table below.
The “Houses of water”, that could also be equipped with a wi-fi system in the future, have a monitor useful to disseminate general information to citizenship, or specific information connected to the district in which they are located, e.g. measures for water saving and for reducing the water footprint indicators.
Moreover, the “Houses of water” could also become a meeting place for neighborhoods, as the wells were in past epochs or still are now in the villages of the south of the world where this resource is scarce. It would be a good thing if, in addition to the awareness of its immense value, the water becomes a way to recover even those human values that are the basis of mental well-being.

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