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Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas

Delegation from the Municipality of Bonn on a visit to the Municipality of Vicenza

In the last two weeks of May, the Municipality of Vicenza hosted a delegation of sixteen employees of the Municipality of Bonn as part of a training course undertaken in the framework of a Leonardo Da Vinci project, co-financed by EU funds. This course was aimed to raise awareness of good practices adopted by the Municipality of Vicenza in order to share competencies and opportunities for participating in other European projects.

The group of German guests took part in technical meetings with the employees of several municipal offices (tourism, labor policies, youth policies, social services, economic activities, urban planning, environment, infrastructure, ICT and personnel) to compare the operating mode of their respective administrations.

As for the environment, the staff of the municipal sector has spent two mornings with German colleagues to illustrate the subjects covered and how to manage the problems concerning different sectors i.e. air, water, soil, waste management, remediation, noise, electromagnetic, energy issues, citizens’ complaints.

A special focus was dedicated to water topic and the occasion was favorable to give visibility to the UrbanWFTP project, to good practices identified by Vicenza UWFLab and the legislative proposal presented to the City Council to integrate the building code.

The visit also included field trips: some employees of the Municipality of Bonn were accompanied to see the “Houses of water”, which represent the implementation of improvement measures envisaged by the project. Other employees of the German Municipality went to the water management company “Acque Vicentine” to study the method of management and water purification applied in Vicenza.

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