Monday, 20 September 2021
Central Europe Programme

Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas

Establishment of a common water technology and management database

Who is providing and using technology in the industrial sector of water?
And who are the main actors from industry, universities, research and development, municipalities and water management in Central Europe?
Answers to these questions can be obtained by the new established database for water technology and management.

The Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Project Partner 8) developed in the first and second project periods a questionnaire for the collection of information in agreement with all partners. Institutions that are interested in an own profile in the water database can download the questionnaire here and send the answered it to the CCI Nuremberg or hand them to one of the project partners. The database will soon be available for the users on the project website.

There the user will be able to gain information about innovative and available technologies concerning all the actors included into the database. Furthermore information about services for water use will be provided as well as information about water management and experts in the water technology industry.

On the web interface of the database the user can select from a long list of specific keywords. Additionally a full text search is available or the possibility to search for a specific region or field of activity. For the start the partners from Austria, Italy, Germany and Poland managed in cooperation to convince more than 70 actors from the industrial sector of water in the four regions to participate in the project. These institutions are aware of the importance of an international exchange of experiences and technology. Additionally they know about the significance of the awareness for the urban water footprint approach.

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