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Central Europe Programme

Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas

Italy, Ecomondo - The green technologies expo 2015

from 3rd to 6th of November 2015 - Rimini, Italy

The technology platform for the Green and Circular Economy in the Euro-Mediterranean area

Ecomondo is the largest showcase in the Euro-Mediterranean area for advanced and sustainable technology for processing and recycling all kinds of waste; treating and reclaiming water, waste water and polluted marine sites; efficient use and transformation of raw and processed materials and the promotion of renewable raw materials.

Topics of particular interest at the 2015 event concerning water:
- Monitoring
- Management and treatment
- Processing of civil and industrial waste water
- nutrient recovery
- Reduction of water loss and energy consumption
- Plant management
- Protection and promotion of the marine environment and its resources
- Potabilisation
- Management and efficient use of water for civil purposes.

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