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Central Europe Programme

Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas

Poland, Poleko fair 2013

from 7th to 10th November 2013 - Poznań, Poland

International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection POLEKO / Międzynarodowe Targi Ochrony Środowiska POLEKO

Main topics:
• water and sewage monitoring, control, modeling, treatment and analysis
• systems of water heating and cooling
• preventing water pollution and emergency water treatment
• adjacent sewage treatment plants
• trenchless renovation of pipelines
• melioration, land drainage and irrigation
• waste analysis, classification, collection, sorting, recycling, treatment and storage
• sludge treatment and utilisation
• biogas analysis, collection and transport
• waste incineration
• air and gas cooling and odour neutralization
• treat treatment of gaseous pollutants
• reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
• energy and heat generation, saving and storage
• renewable energy and biofuels
• land reclamation and revitalization
• noise and vibration abatement, control and protection
• hazard detection and protection
• municipal investments in environmental protection
• steering systems, information and computer solutions for environment protection and communal management
• control and measurement equipment
• scientific, research and development units
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