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Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas

Poland, WATER 2014

from 22nd to 25th June 2014 - Toruń, Poland

23th International Scientific and Technical Conference "Water Supply, Quality and Protection"/ Zaopatrzenie w Wodę, Jakość i Ochrona Wód

The Conference “Water Supply and Water Quality” is an international discussion forum, where the latest scientific achievements, engineering solutions, legal developments, and methods of water management are presented.
The Conference brings together scientists, technologists, investors, customers, producers, managers, lawyers, and economists principally from Poland, Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Specialists from different countries and institutions bring their diversified perspectives, experience, and interpretations to the conference topics, leading to the broadening of knowledge of all conference participants. There will be opportunities to present personal achievements, share experiences, and learn new methods of approaching topical problems.

Main topics:
• quality, protection and hazards of surface and ground water
• processes and technologies of surface and ground water treatment
• methods, effects, and hazards of water disinfection
• membrane systems in water treatment
• water storage and distribution
• water quality in water distribution systems – biological and chemical stability
• the problems of small water systems
• modernization of water systems
• water pipes: materials, fittings, construction and exploitation
• monitoring, control, automation and management of water systems
• reliability of water systems with regards to the environmental hazards
• sewage sludge neutralization technologies
• removal and neutralization of effluent and sludge from water treatment processes
• renovation of underground infrastructure using trenchless methods
• economics of water treatment and protection
• legal aspects from environment protection including water protection and supply
• ecological education regarding water protection

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