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Central Europe Programme

Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas

Study visits to the UWFLabs

One-day visits to better understand the UWFLabs's areas and activities

During the last period of the project each laboratory have organized a one-day visit in order to enable other partners to visit the belonging area and to see which are specific peculiarities. This experience has been very useful because it allowed to partners to better understand the different issues that each region has to face concerning water management in urban areas. Moreover during the three visits there has been the possibility to share opinions about the different technologies applied. In fact, the visit included not only the guided tour of the premises of each UWFLab, but also a tour of the most significant plants for water supply and wastewater treatment of the three cities

Innsbruck UWFLab

The study visit of Innsbruck UWFLab was held at the alpS offices on May 23rd 2014. The visit started with an introduction from Dr. Matthias Huttenlau to the alpS Water Unit and a guided tour through the alpS offices. Here the participants had the chance to meet and to discuss with other alpS staff. Afterwards, the participants had the chance to visit the drinking water intake of Innsbruck. The water is supplied by a spring in the mountains high up above Innsbruck. Through a tunnel system the water collected in the mountain and distributed to an underground water reservoir. The Urban WFTP project had the unique chance to visit both the tunnel system and the water reservoir.

Wroclaw UWFLab

The study visit of Wroclaw UWFLab was held on October 1st 2014 at the headquarter of MPWik, the Municipal Water and Sewage Company S.A. in Wroclaw. In the beginning all participants have been welcomed by MPWiK staff that showed the premises of the laboratory. Then two experts of the lab gave a exhaustive presentation on the technologies of the water treatment plant Na Grobli and the sewage treatment plant Janowek. Later, the participants were able to take part in a guided tour of the two plants.

Vicenza UWFLab

The last study visit that took place was the study visit of Vicenza UWFLab. The visit was held on October 31st 2014, the day after the transnational workshop held in Vicenza. The meeting point for the visit was the premises of the Municipality of Vicenza, the place where the UWFLab has been set up. The program provided by the agenda consisted in the guide tour of two plants. The first one was the water extraction plant “Bertesina”, the second one was the wastewater treatment plant “Casale”.

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