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Central Europe Programme

Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas

URBAN Water Footprint: experiences, best practices and future challenges

30th October 2014 – Vicenza, Italy

Transnational Workshop within Urban_WFTP project


Management of scarce resources such as water is central to international debate. The European Community within its policy “A Blueprint To Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources” identified the need to develop tools for better water management. One of this tools is the Water Footprint.
The project “Introduction of Water Footprint (WFTP) approach in urban area to monitor, evaluate and improve the water use”, financed within the Central Europe Programme to be concluded within 2014, is aimed on the development of a common approach to be applicable in Urban Areas.
This workshop will present the most important results of the project in order to share the experiences and the best practices achieved and to support the knowledge exchange and application of the water footprint approach in other European Countries.


14:30 Registration

15:00 Greetings and Welcome
Antonio Dalla Pozza, Assessore alla progettazione e sostenibilità urbana del Comune di Vicenza
Antonio Scipioni, Professor of University of Padova, Italy
Antonio Girardi, Director of Centro Produttività Veneto, Italy

15:30 Water Footprint Assessment in a regulatory context
Ashok Kumar Chapagain, Science Director, Water Footprint Network

15:50 The Urban Water Footprint project: objectives and results
Alessandro Manzardo, University of Padova, Italy

16:40 Central Europe Urban Water Footprint Labs: approaches and perspectives
Anna Kolonko, MPWIK, Wroclaw UWFLab
Christin Haida, alpS, Innsbruck UWFLab
Danilo Guarti, Municipality of Vicenza, Vicenza UWFLab

17:10 Integrating the Carbon and Water Footprints’ Costs in the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC Full Water Cost Recovery Concept: Basic Principles Towards Their Reliable Calculation and Socially Just Allocation
Vasilis Kanakoudis, University of Thessaly, Greece

17:40 Questions and answers

18:00 Buffet


Conference room of "Chiostri di Santa Corona"
36100 Vicenza (Italy)

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