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Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas

Newsletter December 2014

This is the first issue of the "monthly newsletter" of the Urban_WFTP project.
The newsletter will address issues related to applications and evaluation processes linked to urban Water Footprint.
News and events concerning a rational and efficient use of water resources will also be reported.

The Final Conference of the Urban_WFTP project

The Final Conference of the project was held in Debrecen, Hungary, on 20th November, 2014. Over 50 project partners, external experts, policy makers, municipal decision makers and academics gathered to share their experience on the water footprint methodology, show the results of the project and discuss their views on the future applicability of the water footprint concept.

The speeches by project partners were supplemented by the presentation of the Water Footprint Network, a presentation on the water management challenges of East Hungary, a review of the past and future of the Central Europe Programme, the applicability of EU supported research results in regional decision making.

The conference was concluded with a panel discussion focusing on key project conclusions, replicability of the water footprint method and the perspectives of different stakeholders.

The slides of the presentations of the final conference are available at the project website at the following link.

Water Footprint Network

The Water Footprint Network is a non-profit foundation which mission is to promote the transition towards sustainable, fair and efficient use of fresh water resources worldwide by: advancing the concept of the Water Footprint, increasing the Water Footprint awareness of communities, government bodies and businesses, and their understanding of how consumption of goods and services and production chains relate to water use and impacts on fresh-water systems, and encouraging forms of water governance that reduce the negative ecological and social impacts of the water footprints of communities, countries and businesses.

The Science Director of the Water Footprint Network is Dr A.K. Chapagain, who is also the co-creator of the Water Footprint concept. He participated as speaker in both the lasts events within the framework of the Urban_WFTP project: the transnational workshop held in Vicenza and the final conference in Debrecen.

Dr Chapagain’s considerations about the next challenges of the application of the water footprint approach in urban areas can be found on the project final abstract “Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for urban water management”.

The document can be downloaded from the project website at the following link.

New standard: ISO 14046

On August the 1st 2014 a new ISO standard was born. It is the first ISO document about Water Footprint, a standard to determine the potential environmental impacts related to water of product, processes and organizations.

Such an assessment take place using a life cycle approach and results in a comprehensive profile of indicators that allow an analysis of the consequences of water use both from the perspective of consumption and degradation of the resources.

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The contents of this newsletter have been supplied by the partners of Urban_WFTP project.

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