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Newsletter February 2015


Poland released a draft of new Water Law

On 23rd December 2014, the possibility to report comments to the draft new act opened. The main objectives of the act are: to order the competences of the water management authorities, to separate water infrastructure management from water management and to introduce catchment-based water policy. These modifications should clear who is responsible for what.

The second objective is to simplify financing by establishing an efficient financing system based on environmental fees and in introducing comprehensive catchment-based policy in water management that is intended to effectively and efficiently manage water and to save it for future generations.

This reform is necessary as the actual Water Law entered into force 13 years ago. A lot has changed during that time. EU legislation has been introduced into Polish legal system and the law has been adapted to the changing social and economic conditions. It resulted in over fifty revisions to the Water Law that made it non-transparent and disturbed its internal cohesion. Therefore, a completely new Water Law was prepared at the Ministry of Environment, which will constitute a legal backbone, on the base of which the organisational structure of water management administrative authorities will be established.

More information can be found on the web page of the Polish Ministry of Environment: Read more

Meatless Mondays for a Lower Water Footprint

The Earth Day Foundation of Hungary created a website to promote consumption behaviour that leads to improved protection of the environment and our scarce resources.

The name of the website (www.husmenteshetfo.hu that translates into “Meatless Monday”) speaks for itself. Everybody can do a bit to save the environment. By not eating meat on Mondays, we can reduce our water footprint, carbon footprint and ecological impact in general.

The website explains the importance of consumption choices, the burden posed by too much and inadequate consumption and offers suggestions on how to reduce our footprints. Visitors to the website can learn about the many benefits on reducing meat consumption, not only in terms of a lower water footprint and lower environmental pollution, but also better health and lower expenditures.

A related concept that is also promoted by the website is the “50 km diet”, under which we can try to limit our consumption to food items that were produced within a 50 km radius of our home.

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Urban_WFTP project promotion

The Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), Germany, promotes the project results, like the urban water footprint method or the water database, at various events throughout the year. Furthermore the water database, established by the Nuremberg CCI is still available on the project homepage (www.urban-wftp.eu) and continuously more companies are interested to be part of this international network.

The database and the UBAN_WFTP Project will be promoted at an event concerning environmental management in March 2014. To interested persons further outputs of the project will be explained to the participants.

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The contents of this newsletter have been supplied by the partners of Urban_WFTP project.

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