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Newsletter January 2015


CCI working group: In-company environmental protection

For more than 100 times experts in environmental protection followed the invitation of the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Germany, for a Meeting of the “CCI working group: In-company environmental protection”. This group exists for many years and the attendants can exchange experiences very good and receive current information from first hand.

At the meeting on the 1st of December 2014 more than 30 experts participated. The presentations and discussions concentrated on the legal effect of the new chemicals policy and REACH and the recycling economy was highlighted from the perspective of a regional waste management company. Additionally some results of the CCI committee “Energy | Environmental” were presented.

Besides that, the results of the Urban Water Footprint project were presented to the heads of environmental protection that are representing various companies of the Metropolitan region of Nuremberg. Besides Siemens AG, Staedtler Mars GmbH & Co. KG or Schaeffler Technologies most experts are representing small and medium enterprises (SME) that are very innovative and working in various fields.

Upcoming activities of the UWFLab of Vicenza

The UWFLab of Vicenza is continuing even in the year just begun its task towards the formalization of the new technical standards for water resources savings and protection within the framework of the regulations of the Municipality of Vicenza. These standards were formally proposed to the municipal administration by councillor Marco Antonio Dalla Pozza, in November of the last year.

The administrative process provides for an upcoming meeting to be held by the end of January, with the special commission established in order to study a draft of the building code. The commission, chaired by councillor Filippo Zanetti, is made up by public officials, municipal technicians, representatives of professional associations (architects, engineers, surveyors, agronomists and geologists). During this meeting, the reasons that led the Laboratory to the definition of technical standards will be explained.

The aim of this presentation is to start a debate with the groups involved in order to discuss the proposal according to the various points of view. Once this phase ends - 2 months are expected - there will be the need of the approval by the Municipal Committee and later by the Municipal Council.

Green roofs continue to make advance in Hungary

Green roofs play an important role in controlling the urban environment, including precipitation management, micro-climate improvement and fresh air.

The Hungarin Green Roof Association announced the results of its annual green roof and green wall competition. This year 25 applications have been submitted, demonstrating the wide variety of green solutions, including tiny green roofs of garden houses, multi-hectare green covers of industrial buildings, and innovative green walls.

Some of the applications illustrated the high level innovative cooperation among architects, urban planners, garden designers and ecologists. The combination of solar cells and green roofs is one of the novel themes that appeared in Hungary in 2014.

In the picture an office building with a green roof section from the competition is shown.

ISO/TR 14073: A forthcoming technical report to support the application of Water Footprint according to ISO 14046

After the publication of ISO 14046 on Water Footprint a new document is under the development of the ISO working group specialized on impact assessment related to water. Such document, that will probably be published within this year, will be a technical report aimed at different case studies on the way the new standard can be applied.

In January 2015 the ISO experts will gather in Bern (Switzerland) bringing their expertise to reach consensus on the new ISO report. Further information will be soon available.

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Hydrobond by consortium Viveracqua

In a historical moment in which the financial instruments available to companies remain scarce and the dialogue with banks is difficult, an initiative,unprecedented in Italy, has been started in the Veneto Region.

The consortium Viveracqua, made by twelve regional companies of water services, has issued bonds for 150 million euro in the form of a minibond with a significant name: hydrobond. This bond has attracted the interest of the European Investment Bank (EIB), and other investors as Veneto Banca, the pension fund Solidarietà Veneto and Bcc Brendola, who have provided liquidity and credit support for the total sum emitted.

The 150 million disbursed will develop investments in the territory for about 300 million over four years, in favor of 728 projects for water network maintenance and upgrading (aqueducts, sewers, treatment plants), but also for the benefit of economies of scale (joint purchasing) and economies of scope (common offices).

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