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Newsletter July 2015


Natural Water Retention Measures

DG ENV supported “Pilot Project - Atmospheric Precipitation - Protection and efficient use of Fresh Water: Integration of Natural Water Retention Measures in River basin management” has come to an end. The project comprehensively looked at natural water retention measures (NWRM) all over Europe in order to identify best practices that can guide decision makers in improved water management, reduced pollution loads.

The 11 partners developed a methodology for the assessment of NWRM projects, and based on this assessment an inventory of NWRM projects is now available here.

When a government, local government, NGO or other organisations would like to reduce the water footprint of an area, they can turn to this catalogue to identify practices that not only reduce the footprint, but are also practicable, affordable, and may deliver other benefits as well.

The measures cover the areas of agriculture, forestry, hydro morphology and urban issues. The latter theme is closely connected with the Urban Water Footprint project, and includes case study examples from Central Europe, including Austria (green roofs in Vienna), Germany (dyke relocation near Lenzen) and the Czech Republic (drainage management in the city of Hradec Kralove).

Delegation from the Municipality of Bonn on a visit to the Municipality of Vicenza

In the last two weeks of May, the Municipality of Vicenza hosted a delegation of sixteen employees of the Municipality of Bonn as part of a training course undertaken in the framework of a Leonardo Da Vinci project, co-financed by EU funds. This course was aimed to raise awareness of good practices adopted by the Municipality of Vicenza in order to share competencies and opportunities for participating in other European projects.

A special focus was dedicated to water topic and the occasion was favorable to give visibility to the UrbanWFTP project, to good practices identified by Vicenza UWFLab and the legislative proposal presented to the City Council to integrate the building code.

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Master Course on Hydrology and Water Footprint Assessment

The University of Twente in collaboration with Water Footprint Network offers a Master Course on Hydrology and Water Footprint Assessment. The course is a 10-weeks course at Master of Science level, open to students and professionals from different disciplines.
The course language is English and the study load is 15 ECTS-credits. The duration is 420 hours spread over 10 weeks.
The start of the course is scheduled on August 31st 2015.

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The contents of this newsletter have been supplied by the partners of Urban_WFTP project.

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Italy, AQUAE VENICE 2015

From May 3rd to October 31st 2015 – Venice - Marghera, Italy

The great universal exhibition dedicated to water
On May 3rd AQUAE VENICE 2015, a collateral event of EXPO Milan completely dedicated to water, was opened. The exhibition is hosted in the new AQUAE pavillion, a structure designed and built for this occasion close to the Science and Technology Park…

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