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Newsletter October 2015


Weather extremities draw attention to the need for improved urban water management

On 17 August an unprecedented storm reached downtown Budapest. Within one hour in the afternoon 80 mm of rain poured down, a volume that usually takes one and a half month of precipitation. The engineering structures of the city (sewers, rainwater channels) are obviously not designed to handle such a huge volume of water, therefore whole sections of the city were flooded.

The basement level of some of the large office and shopping centers of the city were quickly filled with water, creating intense sudden damage to parking cars as well as equipment necessary for the operation of these buildings, such as power supply.

This was the most devastating storm during the summer of 2015 in Budapest, but not the only one: a previous storm in July, while less severe, also flooded buildings, damaged shops and apartments and stopped the subway for several hours.

The severity and extremity of these events draws the attention of urban planners, building operators, insurance companies and city managers: better preparation is needed and in addition to grey infrastructure and better maintenance of buildings, green solutions will (certainly should) receive more emphasis in city planning.

The AWaRe method to assess water scarcity footprint is online for public consultation

WULCA of the UNEP-LCI has recently made available online the so called AWaRe method, a set of characterization factors for the assessment of water scarcity footprints. These factors are the result of a consensus process that involved researchers from all over the world and several stakeholders from industries. WULCA made this factors available for a testing phase. All the feedbacks received from the public will then be used to furtherly improve the factors and publish a definitive version of the WULCA method during next year.

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