Sunday, 04 December 2022
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Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas


Nine European organizations from five European countries have just started with the project URBAN_WFTP - “Introduction of Water Footprint (WFTP) approach in urban areas to monitor, evaluate and improve the water use”.

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This CENTRAL EUROPE project focuses on local water management in urban areas in order to improve currently used technologies and to integrate innovative tools for monitoring and managing citizens’ water use, water networks and wastewater treatment systems. To achieve these goals the Water Footprint approach represents an opportunity for better water management and use of water.
The Water Footprint approach in urban areas is structured in three levels. The first one describes the water flows in and out of the city and thus allows a global assessment of the city’s Water Footprint. On the second level the city is subdivided into areas of similar land use types. This level allows identifying Water Footprint hotspots. The third and most detailed level assesses the Water Footprint starting from the use of water is buildings. This final model supports a better understanding of the influence of local policies on water use and is designed to predict effects of local policy and technology changes.
Additionally the Virtual Water of products which are consumed in the city will be addressed. In so called Urban Water Footprint Labs this Water Footprint approach will be tested in three urban areas in Vicenza (Italy), Innsbruck (Austria) and Wroclaw (Poland).
This enables an assessment of the effectiveness of the approach, the comparison of the achieved results and the creation of a Central Europe area which pays special attention to urban water management. The URBAN_WFTP project anticipates results on how the Water Footprint approach will enable municipalities to better define environmentally friendly policies, plans and strategies.

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