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Central Europe Programme

Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas

The Work packages

The project is divided into six work packages:

WP1: Project management and coordination (Responsible partner: LP)
WP2: Communication, knowledge management and dissemination (Responsible partner: PP2)
WP3: “Water use and management” baseline assessment according to Water Footprint approach and sharing of results among partners (Responsible partner: PP9)
WP4: Activation of three URBAN WATER FOOTPRINT LABs (UWFL) and implementation of WFTP approaches (Responsible partner: PP6)
WP5: Set water use and management improvement plans in the three URBAN WATER FOOTPRINT LABs (UWFL) (Responsible partner: PP11)
WP6: Sustainability demonstration, training activity and assistance for replication actions (Responsible partner: PP2)

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