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Urban Water Footprint: a new approach for water management in urban areas

Terms and conditions


1) The URBAN_WFTP Database is platform where participating companies and institutions present themselves. The companies and institutions are responsible for the content of the presentation. The host of the homepage does not furnish any guarantee for the actuality, accuracy and completeness of the provided information. The hoster of the homepage has no influence on the data presented on the homepage, as well as on the content of linkes pages.

2) The host will not be held liable for the content of other websites that the user can visit from pages of the URBAN_WFTP database via hyperlink.
These websites contain external offers on which the host has no influence.
The hyperlink is a service of the host of the URBAN_WFTP homepage. If the customer notices illegal contents on websites from other providers that are accessible per hyperlink from the URBAN_WFTP website the host asks the customer for a notification to cancel the specific link.

3) The service provision of the host is restricted by the current state of technical and operational possibilities of the internet service. Hence the service can neither be without fault all the time nor without cease and/or trouble-free due to technical circumstances, breakdown of wire or connection, hardware or software errors or the influence of third parties (i.e. virus).

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